Deborah Hernemar Plays a Ukulele in Brazil
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                                                  Deborah Herry the World Citizen,and Life & Travel Coach ,                                                                                                                             specialises in helping individuals empower themselves on                                                                                                                             a next-level journey through travel with her 5-D strategy.



Turning 25 Years Old

Turning 25 - feeling Grateful my 25 reasons of why 25 is special We all hear about the dreaded quarter-life crisis, shouldn’t you actually be excited to turn 25? Yes absolutely                            this is a meaningful celebration to me as I am honouring and...

When Daydreams Of Travel Come True

Hi I am Deborah,And you are watching Kvazi travel the Place to Live and Travel with a Purpose. - I want to Talk to you about Dreams and why you should not stop dreaming- If anything I encourage you to Dream big and to make a contiouse decision to follow your dreams -...

How To Have Your Best Year Yet ! 2016

2015 wow ; What a year it has been ,I will start by saying that I feel very accomplished and thrilled about my growth in the year,and that is a big point in this post i want to make , it does not matter where you are but if you see growth in yourself then it is a...